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There’s Closing and then there’s
Congruent Closing…

If you’ve been a coach for some time you know that sales is the oxygen of your business. A business simply cannot survive without sales.

Most sales trainers will teach you about sales in the sense of closing – meaning getting the deal done, no matter if you need to use a cheesy script, manipulative tactic, or whether it’s in the best interest of the person on the other end.

If you resonate with being a Congruent Coach, the last thing you want to feel is inauthentic, out of integrity, and like you’re manipulating your potential client.

And at the same time, you know that you need to enroll your clients in order to serve them. In order to do that you need to own your value so can create a coaching business that is in alignment with your lifestyle and charge a premium for the massive results you give your clients.

You can do this by following the Congruent Closing method.

Congruent Closing is enrolling your prospect into their bigger vision while showing up as your confident and authentic self. Then helping them make an empowered decision to take action by working with you so they can create the new possibility for their life, faster.

Imagine… how much more empowered would you feel if you knew your main role is to just serve the person? To paint a picture there’s a bigger possibility for their future and show up confidently knowing you can support them in getting there. By shifting to the Congruent Closing method, you’re going to be able to enroll more of your dream clients at premium price points by simply being you (the badass coach that you are).


Trust Isn’t Bought, It’s Earned.

Hear what our clients have been saying about their experience with us…

Andrew Kroeze

Tribe of Buyers

“I did $105,000 at my first ever event with 9 people. 6 months later I generated over $1,000,000 at my first bigger event with 200 attendees.”

Katerina Satori

Sovereignty Mentor

“I went from $5k months to making over $300k in my first 7 months. The best part is I adore the clients I work with, I bought my dream car and moved to my dream house by the ocean…”

Jen Rudolph

2% Signature System

“I was making some money in my business selling a $37/mo membership site but was miserable and working too hard. Alex helped me craft one offer post and I made over $100k in a week. Learning how to craft the right offers has allowed me to generate $1,400,000 and I have more freedom than ever.”


My gift is bringing
out your FULL gifts you can stand powerfully in your value
with total confidence and congruence.

From jail cell to integrity based sales expert,
Alex transitioned into the coaching space at just 21 helping Ted McGrath build a multi-million dollar coaching and seminar organization, from the ground up, in just four years.

Now with one of the highest client success rates in the industry having personally led over 2,152 enrollment conversations and helping influencers all over the world collectively sell 8 figures+, Alex teaches his clients how to sell with truth instead of tactics via the Congruent Closing Method, building businesses that fuel them, so they can live as the most authentic, expressed version of themselves.


The best way to attract and enroll dream clients is to be the most authentic, expressed version of yourself.

Alex J Moscow

Want Support Selling With Integrity, Attracting Dream Clients And Building A Business That Deeply Fulfills You?

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  • Do you want more certainty in your cash flow, and your vision?
  • Do you have a lot of “great” conversations that don’t end with money in your bank account?

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