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3 Simple Upgrades To Consistently Attract Dream Clients That Pay More, Get Better Results and Light You Up.

(Without expensive ads, clunky funnels or burning out)

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Topic: 7-Figure FB Profile

Three simple upgrades to consistently attract dream clients that pay more, get better results, and light you up. (without expensive ads, clunky funnels or burnout.)

Date & Time: Jul 7, 2020 04:00 PM PST

This is the ONE masterclass you should attend in 2020! I’ll be revealing:

  • How to craft your marketing to attract the top 5% of your audience who is able, willing and EXCITED to invest in your high-end programs RIGHT NOW
  • How to command Premium Fees $5,000 – $75,000+ for your services, even if the thought of raising your fees to that level terrifies you and you think no one will pay
  • The 3 types of content I use that turned my organic FB Profile into a 7-figure revenue stream (not my business page…the profile that I’m friends with my aunt and grandfather on)

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Meet Some of my #winning clients

Jen Rudolph

“I was making some money in my business selling a $37/mo membership site but was miserable and working too hard. 

Alex helped me craft one offer post and I made over $100k in a week. 

Learning how to craft the right offers has allowed me to generate $1,400,000 and I have more freedom than ever.”

Alok Aparaddai

“Alex and Congruent Coach really helped me own my value and reposition and price my offers to attract a higher level client. 

I applied the principles taught and generated over $112k in 12 days. 

The best part of all this is that in 20 years in business, I have more free time to spend with my family. ” 

Victoria Song

“I went from struggling to sell $200 sessions to selling 5 x $20,000 PIF packages in my first 100 days!

I now have the lifestyle I want to spend time with my king and focus on my spiritual growth.”

Meet your mentor

Alex J Moscow

Hi! I’m Alex J Moscow. People ask me all the time how I got here and to be totally honest, I’m still surprised some days that I did too! But my clients tell me all the time that their results are not just because of what I teach them, or what I call them into, it’s because I model it all with such mastery that it becomes contagious.

I’m really glad you’re here. I’m willing to bet you’ve got some massive value to give to this world, even more than you might be right now, so stick around and let’s expand what you think is really possible for yourself, yea?

Take Inspired Action,

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