If selling is your #1 focus, I have a couple clarifying questions to explore with you:

  • Are most of your sales to new clients?
  • Do your clients renew over and over?
  • Are they sending you piping hot referrals constantly?
  • Are they WINNING and really TRANSFORMING in your program?

If you answered “no” to any of the above – that’s a problem that’s limiting growth somewhere in your business.

The problem that your #1 focus is on sales.

Not what you’d expect from the sales guy, is it!?



I believe my relationship with my Dreammate Jenn is the BEST reflection of this lesson I’ve ever received. She’s told me so many times that what she loves so much about me and what makes our relationship so incredible is that I’m constantly enrolling her in what’s next.

I’m always leading and delivering.

I’m always setting her up to win WITH me.

When Jenn said yes to go on a first date with me, there were 10 days we had to wait. So I texted her pretty consistently during the 10 days leading up to the date. To keep us both looking forward at what’s next.

On our 2nd date we talked about all the places we wanted to see in the world and our bucket lists…and then I sent her a list of hotels after the date.

At the advice of an incredible mentor, I treated Jenn like she was the one from DAY ONE. Because as he said, “she just might be.”

I believe we hold the same responsibility in our businesses – treat every client like they are the one, from DAY ONE.

Focusing on serving them with the highest levels of delivery to set them up to transform for the LONG RUN.

Because you might be able to close high-end sales, but can you get your clients HIGH-END RESULTS?


Even after reading this if your goal is still making $5k sales with discounts or scholarships then cool, my content and programs aren’t for you.  Because I don’t believe people buy based only on the cost or ROI.

When people buy a Bentley – Bentley isn’t giving discounts or fast action bonuses. People are buying that car because of what it will create in their lives – status and significance. They buy a Bentley because it’s a premium product with the highest reputation and leadership in the industry.

If Bentleys stopped working after a year or two – the value would be shit or no one would buy!

Really think about it…


Is your content and delivery lasting your clients year after year after year?

What if you made your client’s long-term results your #1 focus instead of just always trying to get more people to buy?

From my experience, THAT’S when our clients do the marketing and selling FOR us.

The market has taught us to build businesses with sticks. But if you want to build a business with cinder blocks instead by creating a really transformational, sustainable breakthrough for your clients AND sell it for what it’s worth – there’s a process to create that.

Like split testing in marketing – who’s split testing their content?

Have you ever considered what content in your program or event actually gets your clients the very best results?

Most coaches are focused on the next widget or funnel or marketing trend to get new clients, instead of focusing on the results for their existing clients.

I believe we have a moral obligation to be just as committed, if not more, to upgrading how we’re serving our paying clients than selling to more people.

This is also a big reason why most coaches struggle to generate long-term income from a single client. Most coaches try to re-enroll clients at the end of the contract (or fail to even ask for re-enrollment at all!), or the client has already mentally moved on because they think they’ve gotten everything out of the program and coach that’s possible.


Always Be Enrolling!!!


That’s what I do with Jenn 😉

As a coach, it’s your job to point out your clients’ blind spots and show them a path for what’s next so they keep moving forward. This happens IN your content and how you deliver your content.

A lot of time clients don’t even know what the value would be if they continued moving forward with you – they think it would be the same as what they’ve gotten but that’s not true.

The strategies for me when someone works with me from months 1-6 versus months 12-24 are MUCH different. And I also know that it’s the work IN that longer timeframe that sets that client up to win for their LIFETIME.

But how the hell would my clients know that or what’s next if I’m not sharing that with them???

So I’m always enrolling with conversations like:

  • Hey these are some new possibilities I see for you…
  • So if you hit this goal, what will that do for your life?
  • Have you considered what’s next after this quarter?
  • What’s your plan to keep increasing your results instead of maintaining them?

Always be enrolling. Always be delivering at the HIGHEST levels and then you’ll always be selling with way less effort. That’s where the real money is at!

The side effects from this on your life and on your clients’ lives aren’t too shabby either 😉

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