Recently I supported a peer of mine with a 7-figure business who came to me after putting on a live event. They had 100 people attend the event yet totally flubbed it – shit conversions.

I agreed to help them so they sent me some recordings of their offer which was the last 20 minutes of them on stage.

I’m like no, not how it works.

So they sent me their entire 60-minute offer presentation.

And I’m like no, still not how it works.

This is a painful problem I see a lot of people experience when hosting live events where they put SO much emphasis on the last 20-ish minutes thinking that’s their offer.


As soon as that event or retreat starts, THAT’S when your offer starts.

It’s why it’s so so SO critical to start with the end in mind.

How we strategically set up your content is based on the end – creating a sequence of problems and solutions, and the next problems and solutions, etc.

These all build into a sequential offer THROUGHOUT THE EVENT that sets your audience up to know – without a doubt – that YOU are the one to help them in the most massive way.

It’s why people literally throw their cards at me at my events 🙂

How it starts is how it finishes.

At your events, on your sales calls, in your coaching relationships, in your programs.

Too many coaches and experts only think about the current problem and solution at hand.

Which is also why so many struggle with roller coaster income.

They’re always looking for NEW clients instead of maximizing the ones they have by serving them at the deepest levels.

They aren’t consistently enrolling those clients in what’s NEXT.

Most clients come to me through one of my shorter programs or live events like Small Events Big Profits or Effortless Enrollment because those are focused on a very particular problem and solution.

And as much as those help them in massive ways, I’m very clear that ALL roads in my business lead to the Congruent Coach Collective.

Because THAT’S what everyone needs.

The long-term, intimate support to really help them SUSTAIN long-term breakthroughs and transformation.

It’s also why I have such strong renewal rates. Because I start with the end in mind, with literally everything.

Renewal doesn’t start at month 4 or 5 of a 6 month contract. Or at week 10 of a 12 week program. It starts IN THE BEGINNING.

Help your clients solve their current problems AND consistently enroll them in what’s next.

Point out their blind spots.

Guide them on a path of what you see for them in the next stage.

THAT’S HIGH QUALITY SERVICE. Because you’re helping your clients create and SUSTAIN long-term progress.

The “perfect offer” doesn’t build a highly lucrative coaching business (without massive marketing costs).

Neither does the “best program” or “funnest event” or the “most healing retreat”.

Starting with the end in mind while consistently enrolling your clients in what’s next, does.

People will GLADLY pay you over and over and over again IF you can help them over and over and over again.

Start with the end in mind.

It’s how you’ll both massively win in the long term!

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