When I post about my clients’ successes, I get a lot of inquiry around the what and how so I decided to write a breakdown.

In less than 30 days, this particular client created an additional $150k in sales, with $45k of that collected up-front and the remaining $105k paid out over the next 6 months.

Some payment plans are over 3 months, some over 6, but that’s as much as I know to keep this information as accurate as possible.

Another point to note is that when I say ADDITIONAL, that means I am not counting his monthly recurring revenue or the sales from his existing programs.  

The $150k is from the new program structure, pricing model and sales process that I’ve helped him put in place.

In transparency – the past version of myself probably would have asked for total revenue for the month and made the post about the “bigger” number and positioned it as, “new client has first $220k month in first month working with me.”  Because he did actually sell $220k in total for the month. $70k from his current offerings plus $150k with my new one.

So that is still in integrity with the situation – it’s the truth of what happened…AND in my new depth of integrity, especially with my new brand being CONGRUENT Coach, I choose to highlight what my work is specifically helping him with.

I digress…back to explaining the strategy we took to get the result. For confidentiality, I’m going to keep the examples I give in a broader stroke and not specific to his exact strategy.


He came to me with a $5,500 scalable group offer that he’s put about 80 people in since February.

His $5,500 offer was AWESOME, with one clear outcome. It converted really well – prospects found it very desirable.

The challenge was that there wasn’t anything after the $5,500 offer to serve them and he wanted to support his clients to create long-term, sustainable breakthroughs.  

He also realized he had so much more VALUE to give his clients in addition to what was included in the $5,500 offer that would massively increase the quality of their lives.

In my experience, creating sustainable transformation for your clients usually comes in 6-12 month terms.

So our next step was to create an offer with deeper levels of support, higher touch, higher value and yes, at a higher price point.




I learned a framework from my dear friend Lisa Sasevich that’s directly contributed to tens of millions of dollars sold in high-end offers from my clients collectively.

— Problem

—> Solution

—- Problem

——> Solution

Simple right?  

Here’s a concrete example of one of the PSPS models in my business…

Problem: A lot of my clients come in initially to learn high-end, high-value sales with integrity.

—> Solution: They go through my Effortless Enrollment course and learn that

Problem: Once they know how to enroll high-end dream clients one to one, the next problem is they don’t know how to enroll clients one to many so they can scale their impact and income.

—–> Solution: My Congruent Coach Collective teaches high-end lead generation and how to enroll clients at scale using impact events and retreats and / or webinars / digital marketing.

In relation to this particular client, there’s an initial problem his prospects come to him with.  The solution for that problem is his $5,500 offer.

Once that problem is solved, IT OPENS UP A WHOLE NEW SET OF PROBLEMS


So the offer that we created was designed to support his clients with the next set of higher level, higher quality problems that arose.

We then assigned value to each challenge that the new program solved and landed on a price that HE FELT REALLY GOOD ABOUT.

This is a REALLY important piece. 

So many of my clients ask ME what I think they should charge…which is IRRELEVANT.

My clients need to be sold on the value, not me. I can provide perspective but at the end of the day, THEY NEED TO OWN IT.

After looking over the new deliverables of the offer, he felt it was very reasonable and he could confidently over-deliver on the value of this new program by pricing it at $50,000.


It’s simple. He sold it to his current client base.

  • No fancy automated webinar funnel.
  • No ads.
  • No 389 pieces of content that followed his ideal client around for weeks and then inspired them to buy.

We simply put out the new offer to his existing client base.

All the above strategies work. (I’m currently implementing all of them)

AAAND before we do throw paid ads at something – always test it to your current market.  So my client put out an offer of this cool new idea that he was inspired to create to provide a deeper level of service to his clients.

I think he had about 12 phone calls.  3 of those closed into his new $50,000 program.


So I could have ended this article there – where my client sold 3 – $50k packages and will be raising his prices soon (like most my clients do!)

But that’s what most marketers would do.

With one of Congruent Coach’s main values being TRUTH Over Tactics, I’m inspired to share this part:

Going from a $5,500 offer to a $50,000 offer can be SIMPLE, but it’s NOT EASY.

The work to 10X your pricing SUSTAINABLY, comes from 10Xing YOURSELF.

My work to support this client in confidently charging 10X what he was charging previously was heavily internal work.

The work with him is the work I mainly do with most of my clients, and myself!  

Handling internal dialogue such as:

  • “Is the program really worth it?”
  • “What if they buy and they don’t get the result?”
  • “Am I really worth it?”
  • “Who am I to charge that much?”
  • “My last prospect laughed at my new pricing, what the hell am I doing?”
  • “We had a great call but at the end when it came time to share the price I froze and didn’t say anything.”
  • “I had a hard enough time selling my program at $5,500, how the heck am I suppose to sell a $50,000 program?”

And this client’s $150k in sales result is HIS result, NOT mine. He got the result because he did the work.

He ENGAGED heavily in the coaching.

When he got NO after NO he didn’t give up, he didn’t make up a story that my “Congruent Closing Method doesn’t work”, or “the leads aren’t qualified”…


He asked questions

We got realigned

Then he went back into action


That $150k result was FORGED in the fire of when the “original plan” DIDN’T work and how we COURSE CORRECTED and adapted.


10Xing your pricing is like building a new muscle.

And like a new muscle you haven’t worked out before, you may be sore for a few weeks as you’re training.

You rip the muscle fibers. It heals. Then builds back up stronger.

If you kept going to the gym consistently for 90 days, you’d consistently get stronger and what was once “hard” would then become easy.

Your old limitations – the weights you started with at day one – are much different than what you’re putting up at day 88 or 89.

Your new sense of possibility has been massively expanded.

It’s the same way with your business.

The problem is most get sore after the first or second workout and then make all the excuses to never go back to the gym.

Commit to the expansion.  

Keep showing up. 

Work through the “soreness” and I can promise you’ll be really fucking happy with the results  🙂

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