$700,000. That’s a lot of money. A lot of money that I didn’t generate in 2017 because of a blindspot I had. A blindspot that I believe many of us carry, especially coaches.

2017 was actually my biggest revenue year to date even though I didn’t market much. This was mostly from my industry reputation, client referrals and a few events. So when I realized how I could have made another $700k by doing even less work, well, that’s a tad painful to think about lol.

So what was the mistake I made?

Not having the best offer structure in place.

How did I figure this out?

I didn’t.

My new coach did.

She pointed out the big mistake in my offer structure AND showed me how to fix it.

This isn’t easy for me to share because crafting offers and highly lucrative business models is one of my highest gifts. It’s literally what I teach my own clients.

But I missed this gap in my own business because I’m just too close to it. And THAT was my my blindspot – being too close to my business and not seeking a coach who is an expert in similar areas to support me.

I fell under the illusion that because I’m an expert in this space of offer creation, sales and event models…I didn’t need any help. But that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

I believe this is why we must seek out experts in the areas we are weak AND strong in.

The cost of my blindspot was incredibly painful to realize mostly because of what it cost to those I serve. I could have helped SO many more people in 2017.

In fact, my 2018 theme is IMPACT – to spread my message wider and help more people.

I’m reminded how crucial this mission is every single week when I get messages from my clients with their results because it reminds me of the impact their work is having on the world.

Messages like this one…

19 lives changed forever – what a massive ripple of impact.

The ROI from my work is immense. And I’m willing to bet yours is too.

Think about it – if your impact increased and you helped more people – what’s the ripple of impact? How would their families benefit? Their clients? Their friends? Their kids? Their health? Their communities? The world…?

That’s some humbling shit.

In full transparency though, as much as I was committed to widening my impact in 2018 – hiring another coach did NOT make financial or logical sense.

I already had three high-level coaches for different areas of my business because I believe in leveraging the gifts of different mentors – different pieces of the pie – to master the whole.

So even though I fought my “rational” thoughts, I knew in my gut that hiring this coach was the right decision to get me to where I wanted to go in 2018.

And with just one call, that new coach supported me in building a crystal clear plan of how to make at least an additional $700k in 2018 by doing LESS.

By having the exact same number of conversations as I was – no additional leads or funnels or things needed. I just needed to fill the gap in my offer structure and better monetize what I already had in place.

Well…I did that additional $700k only a quarter of the way into 2018. I’ve doubled my annual revenue and the year isn’t even over yet!

One conversation can really change everything


Just like one of my clients who reported recently that he’s up to $108,000 in sales after just 30 days of working together.  30 days and 2 phone calls working with me generated him $108k. More massive ROI, in both income and impact.

So what are you leaving on the table?

Do you have the right “business engine” to get you where you want to go for the upcoming year?

What if even more is possible than you’ve already imagined?

What if…you don’t know what you just don’t know?

The business engine that was working for me previous to this year wasn’t going to get me to $1.75 million in 2018. I got super clear on that in just one conversation with my new coach. All because she could see what I couldn’t.

We all have blindspots. Most of the time these blindspots cost us way more than the surface level money.

Mine cost me deeper fulfillment because I wasn’t living my highest potential.

It also cost a lot of people some radical change in their lives.

The lost revenue cost me opportunity in giving back to charities in bigger ways and adding more jobs in the marketplace.

That $700k mistake cost me SO much more than just $700k.

So my questions to you are:

  • Are you crystal clear on exactly what’s needed to get you from where you are now to where you want to go, with total confidence and certainty?
  • Are you open to uncovering the potential blindspots that could be holding you and your impact back?
  • Would you like to stop just doing what works, and do what works BETTER?

If the answer is yes to any of those questions, and if you are 100% committed to hitting your goals and beyond this year, then check out this page to see if you’re a fit to work with us. If you are, then schedule a time to chat with us.

Let’s map out a plan to get your mission to more people, while you make more and LIVE MORE in the process.

See if you’re a fit to work with us and schedule a conversation today.

Life really can change with just one conversation.


Mine sure did. 😉

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