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“I want to acknowledge my coach Alex Moscow, and the big difference he made in my life… He really helped me to own my value…”

Katerina Satori

“Using what Alex taught me, I was able to start doing a lot more high ticket coaching sales in my online business and in the relationship coaching space…”

Kevin Kurgansky

“I went from selling my first $20k package to offering my first million dollar package… and it hasn’t even been a year yet!”

Victoria Song

“Within 2 months of Alex constantly allowing and challenging and inviting and celebrating I had made my first $50,000 sales!”

Theroa Moench

“I started working with Alex approximately 5 months ago and I already have $300,000 in sales!

Jen Rudolph

“Alex helped me set up the structure of my mastermind, what offer we were gonna put out there, we were able to enroll at my first mastermind after working Alex over $105,000 in contracts…”

Andrew Kroze

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Alex J Moscow

With over 25,000 hours of experience helping thousands of coaches and high performers build their businesses—whether it’s from scratch or from six figures to multi-seven figures—Alex Moscow has cemented his place in the industry as one of the most trustworthy, congruent, and courageous business mentors out there.

Alex has lead over 3,352 enrollment conversations and has one of the highest client success rates in the industry helping coaches and experts all over the world build a highly profitable business that fuels their mission and lifestyle.
Alex’s Social Selling System has helped hundreds of coaches generate consistent $20k – $50k months through a simple, intimacy-driven sales and marketing strategy. His Congruent Coach Method has helped clients do six figure launches and generate 6 and 7 figures in a weekend.

The people who have worked with him became more confident raising their prices for up to 10x, produce sold out events, enjoy what they do a lot more, sell with ease, and improved their client results as well.

As Alex likes to say, Take Inspired Action

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