David Mehler

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We help talented coaches and experts create deeply
fulfilling businesses that fuel their dream lifestyles.

From overwhelmed chiropractor stuck behind walls
daily, to living a life of purpose and passion…with a lot more money in the bank.

David Mehler (Man on Fire Mentor) came to us because he was done living and working the way he was. He knew he was meant for more and that he could help people in more impactful ways. He just didn’t know how to get untrapped from his network chiropractic business where he was trading time for dollars.

“I wasn’t respecting myself, and I wasn’t holding value for myself. And because I wasn’t holding value for myself, I was cheating people out of holding value
for themselves.”

Soon after working with us David realized what he was really meant to do, and he now had a system to make it happen. The rest is history. David’s last event generated $189,000.

“My entire life has changed. My income level has times ten, my health is better than ever. I’m showing up more than ever. I’m living with more authenticity and more congruence and it’s all because of somebody like Alex Moscow.”

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