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Enrollment Secrets

Learn The 6 Essentials Our Clients Are Using To Enroll Dream Clients At $5k – $75k+ With Congruence, Confidence And Ease

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In this training you’ll discover:

The EXACT business model I’ve used to grow a multi 6-figure coaching business without spending a dime on advertising.

How to have a simple 60 minute conversation that allows you to turn casual conversations into high paying dream clients, on the spot, anywhere you go.

How to command premium fees of $5,000 – $75,000+ for your services, EVEN IF that thought terrifies you.

How to deliver your services at those premium price points, WITHOUT working with clients one-on-one, while helping your clients get even better results (they’ll thank you for it).

How to attract your dream clients FAST so you can start landing high-paying clients in the next 30 days… even if you don’t have a list, following our marketing funnel.

AND I’ll show you how to do ALL of this without compromising your integrity, feeling inauthentic, or resorting to any “Old School Sales” tactics!.

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Get Instant Access To This Free Training Now

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Alex J Moscow helps coaches, speakers, authors, and consultants master the art of effortlessly enrolling high-end clients into their programs while designing business models that fuel them, so they can have the revenue, time, impact and fulfillment they’ve always dreamed of.
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