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The Simplest Way To Create High-Level Transformation and Multi-Six-Figures in a Weekend…

Coaches, Consultants, and Industry Experts Are Using This Simple “Intimate Event Model” To Run Sold-Out Workshops (for less than 30 people) and Walk Away With $50,000 – $250,000+ in Sales in 3 Days

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Join us in sunny San Diego for 3 days & plan your own small, simple, sold-out workshop…

…using the exact model our clients have used to close TENS OF MILLIONS in sales.

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“I ran 1 event before working with Alex and it COST me money. Within my first 7 months of using his event strategies, I generated $1,265,000 in sales.”

Andrew Kroeze
Tribe of Buyers

“Last month, I ran my very first event with my team, just a super simple one-day workshop. My clients were so excited. And I made $105K in a single day!”

Jen Rudolph
2% Signature System

If you’re looking for a simple and INTUITIVE way to:

Escape the “hamster wheel” of the online coaching model, create (and sell out) the event of your dreams, and turn heads in your saturated industry

(basically: create massive impact and cash flow, quickly)


Spending even MORE time behind your computer screen

With this proven event model, you can quit the 12-hour work days and fill up your event without a complicated funnel—so you can get out of “number-cruncher” mode and back into vision mode.

Waiting till you have 10,000 Followers (or Subscribers)

If you have a Facebook group, an email list, and a following…awesome. We’ll show you how to leverage that. But we’ve also helped people fill up intimate retreats and workshops, with next to no following (to the tune of $100,000+ in profit).

Costly Rookie Mistakes

If you’ve lost money on events before—thanks to shady vendors, hidden venue costs, or an offer that didn’t convert—you know how expensive a failed event can be. With the right system, you can fill “money leaks” and practically guarantee profit, before you even start.

High-Tech Funnels

This small-event model is all about bringing humanity, intimacy, and connection back into your business. So no, we’re not gonna tell you to put together crazy sales automation. That’s the beauty of small events—they’re easy to fill up quickly, when you know how to create the right offer.

Risky Facebook Ads

You can fill up your small event with a few laser-focused posts (or e-mails), a simple sales page, and a smart (and aligned) messaging strategy. No need to dump cash into Facebook ads—or fight the algorithm gods for a questionable ROI.

You can fill up your small event with a few laser-focused posts (or e-mails), a simple sales page, and a smart (and aligned) messaging strategy. No need to dump cash into Facebook ads—or fight the algorithm gods for a questionable ROI.


(& still walk away with $250,000+ in sales & stories of crazy transformation from a room full of happy attendees)

Seriously—people who come to my events literally say things like:

“how can I pay you more money?”
“this was like 10 years of therapy in 3 days.”
“I feel like I just met the best friends I’ve never had.”

With the right MODEL and 4 KEY INGREDIENTS (keep reading to see what they are), events can really be this simple, this fun, and this profitable.


You get access to a proven roadmap for creating and running high-impact events with less than 30 people (a roadmap that makes it easy to deliver massive value for your clients and walk away with six-figures in a weekend).

You launch your event with a few simple posts—and your inbox fills up with messages from people who are excited to buy a ticket, travel to your event location, and spend the weekend with you and a room full of high-caliber clients.

Your event sells out within a couple weeks. No struggling to fill 100 spots for something nobody wants to attend (keep reading – I’m about to share with you the 4 “ingredients” of events people will line up for).

You create powerful transformations for your clients…transformations so life-changing, they beg you to sell a deeper, higher-end offer (this really happens to clients of mine, on a regular basis).

You leave your event feeling more free, more purposeful, and more connected to your vision than you have in YEARS. The energy in the room was electric, and you’ll never forget what it felt like to be surrounded by the love, passion, and community of your favorite clients.

You realize that, for the first time, you have the freedom to shift out of the 1-on-1 or group coaching model. With events, you can create cash flow (and, if desired, fill up a super high-end group mastermind), at will.

Your events begin to create a ripple effect of authority, impact, and name recognition in your marketplace. You receive invites and opportunity from industry leaders and enroll dream high-level clients with ease, congruence, and integrity.

“We’ve never ran a “hybrid” event before. We put 26 of our current clients into an event, launched a renewal offer and generated $383,000.”

Ben Schemper
Sales and Leadership Trainer

“Small Events Big Profits has completely transformed my business. At my last event with 16 people I did $83,500 in ticket sales and $241,000 on the back end. I run 10 events per year.”

David Mehler
Men’s Mentor

No one talks about the “trap” of a full client roster…

I’m Alex, business mentor to impact-driven coaches. And I started supporting my clients in running high-profit events when I saw how many world class coaches were being held captive by their own businesses.

I started calling it the “trap” of being a great coach.

You get stuck doing all the right things: constantly creating content, onboarding new clients, creating new offers, answering the same questions, running programs, managing the back-end of your business…

…and yet you feel more disconnected from your business than ever (plus, you’re sick of slowly “stair-stepping” your income—you’re ready for a quantum leap).

I knew that in-person events were the key to reconnecting with your vision, reclaiming your energy, and breaking through the coaching income ceiling.

But all the event gurus were teaching the same old conference model. Crowded room. Super ‘professional’ environment. Hard-ball sales methods. Sleazy “pitch fest.”

So I started teaching my counterintuitive event model, where the whole goal is to create a powerful, personal, intimate experience—where sales are just the natural, effortless side effect.

Because, here’s the truth:

You just need a small amount of the right people to create massive results

coaches just like you are running small, high-impact events and making six-figures in just a few days

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Offer Expires on February 15, 2020

“At my first two events, I ever ran I lost money. After working with Alex I ran a 9 person event and did $105,000. I ran a similar event 45 days later and generated $165,000 with 18 people.”

Andrew Kroeze Tribe of Buyers

“My marketing agency was doing really well financially but I wasn’t fulfilled by it anymore. I used Small Events Big Profits to switch to a workshop and training model. I’ve ran 6 workshops in the past 18 months and have generated over $100,000 at each one.”

Jennifer Hudye
Conscious Copy & Co.

“When Alex told me to do an event I was terrified and thought ‘what the hell am I going to do for 3 days?’ I generated $90,000 at my first retreat with 11 women. Now I couldn’t imagine my business without events, I love the in person connection with my clients.”

Chiara Mazzucco
Bold Self

The 4-Part Event Formula I Learned the Hard Way

The mechanics of running an event are actually quite simple (as long as you know what to focus on and what to avoid).

There are just a few key elements that make it work, which NO ONE in this industry talks about.

But after making almost every mistake in the book—from only selling 3 (yes, three!) tickets to flushing $13,000 down the drain thanks to a contract issue with a hotel—I’ve found the 4 elements of running simple, sold-out events.

These 4 elements make it easy to find the right attendees, sell tickets quickly, structure your event for maximum impact, create a back-end offer that’s congruent with your goals (and irresistible to your clients), and deliver a high-level experience for every minute of your event.

So are you ready to master a model you can use to fill a room with only a handful of ideal clients, create massive breakthroughs for everyone in attendance, and walk away with six-figures…even if you don’t have a huge following or a massive front-end budget?

Using the model I’m about to show you, my first event cost me $5,800 and I walked away with $70K.

The next one, with only 10 people in attendance, cost me $8,100K and I walked away with $122K.

Nowadays, I use the Small Events Big Profits method to walk away with more than $600,000 on a regular basis.

(& my clients have used this to close over $1,000,000 from a single event)

Look at it this way: right now if you took this model, and FINALLY created the retreat you’ve always dreamt about, your income would DOUBLE.

You could run an event and make more money in a few days then most people make in one year.

It doesn’t take:

  • a fancy marketing funnel or complex technology.
  • a huge email list or tens of thousands of social media followers.
  • a huge upfront budget to put it on.
  • or years of “speaker training” (many of my clients speak on stage for the first time at their own events!).

…it just takes the right process.

4 Secrets To Running High-Impact Events That Pay

Trust Your Current Audience

One of the saddest things I see in this industry is people who never start. Year after year, they promise that they’ll do an event when their Facebook group is bigger, when their email list is bigger, or when their Instagram following is bigger. And then they wait forever.

Here’s what I’ve seen over and over again: no matter how small your following, there are already people in your audience who want to spend a weekend with you, experience your work in person, and connect with the “soulmate community” you bring together.

And I’ve had clients make $50,000 from five-person and ten-person events. So there’s no reason to wait. As always, results don’t take time, they take courage.

Leverage Your Assets

We all have assets—we’re just not that good at recognizing them. When I start working with new clients, there’s usually about $30K (if not more) just sitting in their network, their inbox, or their Messenger DMs. Problem is, they don’t know how to turn casual conversations into booked tickets.

With the Small Events Big Profits 3-part “room-filling” process, I’ll show you exactly how to sell out your event with a few social media posts, interviews, emails, and conversations.

And I can practically guarantee you that we can fill up your first event with your network alone. Again, there are people in your audience who’ve been waiting for a chance to work with you in this way.

Give Them Transformation, Not Just Information

The #1 question I get asked is: “What the hell would I even speak about for three days?” And it’s not a bad question, because we’re used to going to events that are centered around information—sessions, panels, interviews, keynote speeches, etc.

But with the Small Events Big Profits model, you’ll build an implementation-focused event. It’s all about bringing your community together, letting them experience the power of your work in person, and creating radical transformation.

I’ll give you the exact event structure I use for myself and my clients to create a transformation-focused event—and map out a schedule that fosters connection, trust, and breakthroughs.

Plant the Seed of Your Offer

At the end of your event, you’ll invite attendees to continue working with you in a natural “next step” offer. And trust me, if you structure this the right way, they’ll be thrilled to invest in deeper transformation (I’ve legit had people throw their credit cards at me at my events!).

But most people don’t know how to create a compelling, high-end offer. Or, they wait till the very end of their event (and then pitch the offer almost as an afterthought). Or, they don’t make an offer at all!

I’ll show you how to “weave” your offer invitation through your entire event, so people are ready and excited to invest by the final day. That’s what makes the sale effortless. You don’t have to suddenly switch into sales mode. Instead, you just offer a warm (and expected) invitation.

Small Events Big Profits

February 20 to 22, 2020 • San Diego, California

“At my first workshop ever I sold 20 tickets at $3,000 each and generated $152,000 on the back end.”

Jennifer Hudye Conscious Copy & Co.

“I’ve wanted to run a retreat for years but was terrified. At my first retreat 5 people attended at $5k and did $110,000 on the back end in coaching and mastermind sales.”

Katerina Satori
Sovereignty Mentor

“Before meeting Alex, I never thought I could charge high dollar amounts and be of a high level of service to my clients. I ran my best retreat in the mountains, giving my gifts generously and created over $100,000 with 18 attendees.”

Kai Van Bodhi
Pathway of Power

If you are ready to run a high-impact event that’s lucrative (and fun!), then let me ask you this: if all the event did was…

Give you the blueprint for running small transformational events that actually help people that led to a six-figure payday

Allow you to sell more high-ticket offers to more people than if you were trying to chase down leads online

Give you the confidence you need to feel fully capable to stand in your value and lead a live event

How much would that be worth?

Here’s just a fraction of what you’ll take away from this once-in-a-lifetime event

How to find customers who will pay you premium prices for your event, even if you don’t have a huge following. (With word-for-word scripts you can use to get them sold before they hop on the phone)

Why having fewer people at your event is better than having more, and how to encourage each one of your prospects to have massive breakthroughs and spread the word about your events so you can become the go-to in your industry.

What never to say when asking for the sale in-person—these common phrases will KILL any presentation and your sales will fall flat, but if you know what they are you can sell anything without feeling uncomfortable and with total confidence knowing you are coming from a place of integrity and congruence.

How to create a backend product so valuable that your attendees will not only be begging to buy it, but they will want you to include MORE for them (so you can charge even higher prices than you thought possible).

The step-by-step process for organizing and creating the best live experience for your clients, which will ensure your event is the one everyone talks about and sells out, year after year. (I’ve made every mistake in the book, haha—these are hard-earned lessons!)

Become the leader you were meant to by using my best mindset trainings so you can efficiently run your event with unshakeable confidence.

When to pitch your products or services during your event without sounding like an obnoxious salesperson (timing is everything—and if you use my formula for infusing your selling into your content, people will actually look forward to hearing about your offer.)

The easiest (and most powerful way) to position you and your event as more transformational than anything else out there in your space, using expert marketing secrets that create authority without having to come off as “preachy” or “sales-y.”

The single most important piece of content every coach needs to touch on during their event, and how you can use it to create a buying desire in your prospects on day one, so when the pitch comes on day three they already have their credit cards out.

A complete overview of my Congruent Closing Method: the high-ticket sales method that’s responsible for over 8 figures to my clients collectively and is currently helping top coaches and experts increase their sales by 400% (this alone could quadruple your business).

A plug-and-play workbook that includes the highest-profit launch posts, sales emails, and content pieces I’ve ever published (use these to easily fill your room).

PLUS every single strategy I have that you can use to sell your event for upwards of $25,000 – $75,000 just like my clients who regularly sell $50,000 in backend products ON TOP of the cost of the event (this is the quickest way to increase your coaching income by 400%, backed up by REAL results).

“Alex has helped us produce the millions of dollars we’re so fortunate to make.”

Ted McGrath Founder, Message 2 Millions

“I’ve seen Alex help build information marketing companies into the millions of dollars since 2014.”

Dutch Mendenhall Coach 2 Profits

Coaches just like you are running small, high-impact events and making six-figures in just a few days

Early BIrd Tickets On Sale Now

Pre-sale Tickets


Offer Expired

Early Bird Tickets


Offer Expired

Regular Tickets


Offer Expires on February 15, 2020

Meet Alex Moscow

Since 2010, Alex has helped coaches build wildly profitable, wildly personal businesses. From the beginning, he’s used the internet to build a more connected company (instead of a less connected one).

While most experts in the coaching space focus on complex funnels, list-building, and Facebook Ads, Alex has found a way to make in-person events and intimate programs the foundation of his 7-figure business—and make more money in a weekend than most coaches do all year long.

After running over 175 workshops, masterminds, and conferences (and walking away from each one with $100K – $2.6M)…

…he’s now teaching impact-driven coaches to run events that put people first (and still generate a s***-ton of cash).

His clients have:

  • sold out their first-ever workshops (and closed $397K in sales with less than thirty attendees)
  • made enough in a weekend to take the whole summer off and travel with their family
  • gotten industry-wide name recognition from hosting a conference (just 3 months after saying they were “too new” to do something that big)
  • closed $130K in sales at their first retreat ever with 5 attendees—in a niche that’s known for being “cheap”

…and that’s just scratching the surface.

And if you’ve ever worried that you’re not professional or polished enough to host an event or own your own stage…

…Alex has been rocking a panda suit at events since 2015. You’ve got nothing to worry about.

If you’re an impact-driven coach and you’ve got something EPIC to offer the world…

you owe it to yourself and your community to escape the trap of the coaching model, master this event process, and unlock the doors to more cash flow and freedom.

You deserve to know exactly how to:

fill up a room with dream clients who are EXCITED to be there

make event offers that easily generate six-figures in a single weekend

amplify your work with a high-intimacy event (and IRL energy)

…and you deserve to do that whenever you want.

Maybe you want to bankroll $250,000 in a weekend (and coast for the rest of the year).

Maybe you want to “add on” an event or two a year on top of your existing business.

Maybe you want to be a total nonconformist in your industry—and make events the foundation of your business while everyone else does virtual stuff.

It doesn’t matter.

When you master the Small Events, Big Profits model—and know EXACTLY how to create massive transformation and massive revenue in a single weekend, consistently—all these options are at your fingertips.

Now, if you’re wondering how you can save your seat… here’s where this gets a little bit weird.

Because we believe in your work & this model so fiercely, we’re doing something crazy.

And we’re even willing to lose money over it.

For the first time, we’re making this an application-only event.

That’s how much we care about protecting the environment of the event and protecting your investment.

I don’t want you to come unless I’m 100% confident that you can easily make at least $30,000 at your first event (most of you will make much more—my clients regularly bring in over six-figures when they host these small workshops).

If I’m going to give you custom coaching, a marketing game plan, my slide-into-their-DM’s ticket sales hack, a behind-the-scenes look at how I run my own events for maximum profit and impact, my clients’ “trade secrets” from running events in other industries, and templates for everything from vendor contracts to launch posts…

…I want you to be ready for FAST implementation and near-INSTANT results.

And, I want every single person in the room to be fully supported in planning, selling out, and hosting their first $50,000+ event.

This is going to be a room full of high-caliber coaches, experts, healers, and entrepreneurs.

I’ve never been so excited to bring together a group of people, share my hard-earned processes, and help you walk away with ALL the tools you need to quickly launch and sell out a transformative event (and make six-figures in the process).

So, here’s what’s next.

First, click through the checkout page & enter your payment information to hold your spot (this will charge your card).

Then, watch your inbox for a short application survey. All you’ll have to do is answer a few short questions to help us make sure you’re a good fit (and in the best possible position to ROI quickly).

If you’ve read this far, we’re guessing you’re a perfect fit. But if not, we’ll refund your payment immediately (and eat the service fees).

We can’t wait to help you change your industry & change your business with high-impact, high-intimacy, high-profit events.

See you in February.


This is Awesome Guarantee

If you show up, participate, take notes, and don’t feel like the event IS AWESOME and worth your time, then let us know by the end of the first day & we’ll refund what you paid, plus up to $500 in documented travel expenses.

I’m so confident that once you put these strategies to use, and you see the results they can have in your business, it will be worth 10X the cost.

So there’s literally ZERO risk for you, and I’m going out of my way to make sure your satisfaction is guaranteed.

“I’ve never spoken on stage or ran an event before working with Alex. Now I sell out my boot camps at $5,000 / ticket and my clients are happier than ever.”

Sonia Rodriguez
Business Coach to Beauty Professionals

“My online tribe was craving in person connection. In the first 3 months I tripled my income by adding live events and premium coaching packages to my business model.”

Amateo Ra
Business Coach to Spiritual Entrepreneurs

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can’t attend the event? Will there be a livestream or recording?

We don’t plan to record or stream this event. From experience, we’ve found that there’s no substitute for being in the room with us—where you can pull from the collective energy, ask Alex and the team questions, get support from other attendees, and set aside three days to master and implement this model. So, if at all possible, come join us and be a part of this group of impact-driven, service-oriented, badass coaches and experts.

I’ve already invested in a mastermind this year. Should I still come?

Are you committed to hosting an event this year? And does your mastermind teach this model? We might be biased, but we think this is the BEST place to master a proven event model, get access to industry-proven resources (scripts, timelines, marketing assets, offer outlines, etc.), and get support from a team that’s run dozens of high-profit events. Plus, you’ll get clear on what’s holding you back within your current business model, so you can isolate the necessary action steps and inner game breakthroughs needed for you to reach the next level of success and fulfillment.

I’m overwhelmed with my current coaching business. Is this right for me?

Oh goodness. This is why we created the Small Events Big Profits workshop. For coaches who are burnt out, stretched thin, or drained by their current business. Plus, we’re giving you the scripts, models, marketing assets, templates, and timelines to make this as simple as possible for you to implement—quickly. Zero confusion. Zero friction. Just stuff that works.

Will I have the chance to interact with Alex?

YES. He’ll be in the room the entire weekend, along with his team of expert coaches and implementers (who have tons of experience running event logistics, sales, and marketing).

And the whole workshop will be highly interactive, with in-depth trainings, hands-on experiences, laser-focused coaching, hot seats, group shares, and networking.

These days, it costs $15K a day to work with Alex—and you get to spend 3 days learning from him at a fraction of the cost. And he loves doing as much laser-focused coaching as possible throughout the event.

Are accommodations included in the package?

No. Once you register, though, we’ll share accommodation recommendations (plus a discount rate if you book through the event hotel).

When and where is the event?

Dates and Times
Thursday, February 20 from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm
Friday, February 21 from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm
Saturday, February 22 from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm

San Diego

We’ve already booked our venue, so we have a limited amount of space for this event (& we’re sending out the details to over 100,000 people). Our last Small Events Big Profits event sold out weeks in advance.

What if I have to cancel my trip?

If unexpected circumstances arise that make it impossible for you to join us live and in person, you may receive a credit for the original amount of your ticket purchase against any of our future live events or one of our wonderful training programs. Or, you can transfer your ticket to a friend or colleague who wants to attend in your place.

Small Events Big Profits

February 20 to 22, 2020 • San Diego, California

Sell With Truth, Not Tactics

© 2023 Alex J Moscow. All Rights Reserved.

© 2023 Alex J Moscow. All Rights Reserved.