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TRAINING: $100k in 10 Days

TRAINING: How to Run High-Impact Events / Retreats with 6-16 People and Walk Away with 6-Figures+ in 3 Days

A SUPER powerful frame if you value authenticity and being congruent in your coaching business…

TRAINING: The key ingredient to close $95,000 paid in full sales on the first call

TRAINING: The biggest mistake most coaches make when making their high-end offers

Jeremy Slate

Dan Lock


Katerina Satori

From undercharging and struggling to consistently find and enroll clients to…… “In just 7 months of working with Alex, I have made over $300,000 in sales, I also got my dream car and moved to my dream home by the ocean!”


Amateo Ra

“In just 3 months, Alex has helped me to more than triple my income. Alex is one of the most results and proof driven entrepreneurs or coaches I have seen in this industry.”


Kevin Kurgansky

“I became a better coach…and what I’ve really loved the most is the courage I’ve gained to really stand for my clients, and past their limitations, so I can feel completely congruent in helping them.”



“What you find working with Alex is real human connection and just wizard level strategies and skills to scale your business.”



“Within 2 months of working with Alex, I had made my first $50k sale. I knew that I had revolutionized the quality of service that I was going to be bringing to the table for my clients.”

David Mehler

“My entire life has changed. My income level has times ten, my health is better than ever, I’m showing up more than ever, I’m living with more authenticity and more congruence and it’s all because of somebody like Alex Moscow.”

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