After struggling for years with a stutter and getting myself hauled off to jail in college, I transitioned into the coaching space at just 21 helping Ted McGrath build a multi-million dollar coaching and seminar organization, from the ground up, in just four years. Now with one of the highest client success rates in the industry having personally led over 2,152 enrollment conversations and helping influencers all over the world collectively sell 8 figures+, I teach my clients how to sell with truth instead of tactics via the Congruent Closing Method, building businesses that fuel them, so they can live as the most authentic, expressed version of themselves.

Day 1 Recordings

Day 1 – Opening Session

Day 1 – Morning Session

Day 1 – Afternoon Session

Day 1 – Evening Session

Day 2 Recordings

Day 2 – Opening Session

Day 2 – Morning Session

Day 2 – Afternoon Session

Day 2 – Evening Session

Day 3 Recordings

Day 3 – Opening Session

Day 3 – Vivid Vision Workshop with Jennifer Huyde

Day 3 – Evening Session

Day 3 – Evening Session

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© 2023 Alex J Moscow. All Rights Reserved.

© 2023 Alex J Moscow. All Rights Reserved.